Off-the-grid in Style


This two-storey, four bedroom, two and a half bath seasonal home is timber framed with BC clear fir, and finished with clear Western red cedar.  An off –the-grid building, it is solar powered, with a propane generator for back-up.  The custom-designed fireplace features Georgian Bay granite, which was also used for the patio, pathways, and steps leading to the dock.  A lift and slide glass door wall system separates the kitchen/dining room from the screened porch.  The flooring is an engineered white oak in an eco oil finish.

The Laundry Shed replicates the main cottage, and features a granite floor.  One half of the building is a laundry facility with custom cabinetry; the other half is storage.

Features Include:

  • solar powered
  • custom-designed fireplace
  • patio
  • laundry shed